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Friday 20th Oct 2017

What a fun cluster of weeks it has been, with the once again unpredictable NFLsimply confusing us all in a wonderful way.

Save the Packers--who themselves barely squeaked by the Chargers Sunday--it seems every team is vulnerable.

Just how does it work when the winless Rams can paste the basically solid Saints 31-21 one week, and then see the Rams lose to the inferior Cardinals the next week? Or, those same Saints are beaten by the Bucs Week 6, while those same Bucs take in the snoot from the Niners Week 5, 48-3?

Just crazy, it is, but it does make the game and each week of play fun for me because I guess I like the unexpected.

I guess though the best case of schizophrenic on the won-loss front is the Chiefs, though, who shut out the Raiders one week, and beat the Chargers the next, and then poof, get blasted by the previously winless Dolphins 31-3.

Which brings me to the Sunday night match-up between the Steelers and the Ravens.

Now, I like the Ravens, who have a couple of my favorite players in Ed Reed and Ray Rice. And, now I guess Torrey Smith, whom I picked up on a couple of teams, though I sadly did not play him this week.

Still, the Ravens beat the Steelers, now twice even, but can barely squeak past a team like the Cardinals a week earlier, while blasting a good team in the Jets Week 4, yet the same team cannot corral the Jaguars or the Titans?

Contrasted with the Steelers who cannot get by those Ravens, but can beat the Patriots?

Actually, Sunday night proved to be one of those "push-me/pull-you" evenings anyway, like in fantasy baseball, when your pitcher is facing your hitter, and you have each on a couple of teams.

For, I have Ray Rice in two leagues, as well as the Ravens defense in one league, while owning the Steelers defense in another. And, for a time the game felt like it would be one of those cherished 1-0 complete games where both your starters do their job with minimal damage.

And then Rice scored, and suddenly Rothlesberger was throwing for 300-plus yards, while Troy Polumalu, and Ray Lewis, both of whom I play in the league where individual defensive players are used.

Meaning I was shouting a lot of "yes, no, yes, no's" at the television as the game unfolded.

But, it was all in good fun, as it was a good and fun game.

I do love topsy turvy, after all.

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