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Tuesday 26th Sep 2017

It has been a long week.

And, a busy one, and by the time this last weekend got here, I was fried. It was not just the week of project management, and column writing, or even my band both rehearsing, and then playing out.

Life is pretty busy in our household as of late as Diane is making a daily run to UC Davis as she pushes to get into Vet school, and that means long days--as in up early--every day. Complicating things this week Di's mom had surgery last week, the day after my gig, and before my birthday, so she finished school Friday afternoon and booked back to Chicago to check on her mother for the weekend.

I ran a couple of errands Saturday, and otherwise just hung out, falling asleep at the ungodly hour of 9 P.M.

Of course our dogs gave me the nuzzle here and there during the night, and sure as anything, when 6 A.M. rolled around, Mahi, the German Shepherd gave his daily shout that it was indeed time for the troika of pups to go out and have their morning kibble.

I tended to their rounds, and fed the cats, and then put away the dishes from the previous night, before I stumbled back into bed, a good three plus hours before Sunday kickoff.

At 9:45 I lurched awake, running quickly to the bathroom, while I cogitated just who I needed to drop, and where.

Now, I know a prudent owner would have performed these moves on Saturday night, but I worry that I will miss some late injury or some late-breaking something will slip passed me causing problems. As it is, last week I mistakenly played Wes Welker because I was not paying attention.

So, this time, I judiciously sat down and methodically went through my four teams--and it is fun for this year all my squads are performing well--trying to not dawdle.

I got my Kathy League Gifford and NAIFFL squads fixed, including free agent moves to cover bye issues, and then set my Utter Genius team, finally stumbling into the Experts Schmexperts League, where I am tied for first with a 6-1 record, thanks to Matt Bryant, Michael Turner, and the Jet defense, all of whom had a bye Week 8.

Watching the clock I scrambled and tweaked, but to no avail, for as I hit the submit button, 10 A.M. logged on my computer and I was locked out.

I still had a pretty good week, although the busy-ness did not slow, as yesterday morning I had to fly to Phoenix for a week at the AFL. Meaning I met my mate and partner Todd Zola, and we caught an AFL game, and then watched the Chargers and Chiefs try to give the Monday Night win back and forth before the Chiefs prevailed in overtime.

At least the evening gave Ryan Mathews enough points to help me edge an NAIFFL win out for the week, meaning three of my squads did well.

I guess with enough rest going into Sunday, that might have been different, but, well, I can hardly complain.

As I usually suggest, I do live a charmed life.

This week so did the St. Louis Cardinals, and most of my Fantasy Football teams.

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