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Saturday 20th Jan 2018

It is anticlimactic in a way to write about Thursday's incredible World Series Game 6.

In fact, it was almost a foregone conclusion to me that the Cards would wind up on top Friday night, for David Freese and his mates surely broke the back of Ron Washington and his Rangers in the eleventh inning Thursday. In fact, it seemed they had broken the team in the ninth inning, when with two out and two strikes Freese tripled to tie, and then again in the tenth when Lance Berkman knocked in Albert Pujols to offset the earlier Josh Hamilton home run.

But, Friday's game seemed to me sort of like the final game of the 1975 Series, when despite the lead, it just seemed the Red Sox would not be able to contain the Reds. And, this year, poor Wash and the Rangers just could not overcome the Cards no matter what they did.

And, surely, it was a good and exciting series, with some great pitching, like Derek Holland's shutout Game 4, and Pujols' monster three-homer Game 3.

But, nothing will eclipse that Game 6, which now lives with the seventh game of the 1960 World Series, and Game 6 of the 1975 Series in my mind as one of the greatest and most exciting games ever played.

The score actually changed hands seven times Thursday night (not counting ties) where those dogged Cards came from behind four separate times before they claimed the lead for good with Freese's walk-off in extra innings.

The game featured 28 hits, five errors, 15 pitchers, six home runs, 12 walks, and 14 strikeouts. Whew.

I suppose my friend Trace Wood, who is a baseball purist, would suggest this was a poorly played game, and he might have a point with all the walks and miscues. However, never will any of us find a more entertaining game than the contest presented that Thursday evening.

Diane and I were actually shagged, her from running to school Wednesday, then back here to catch my band Strictly Olga and me headline at a local club celebrating the release of my album, Downward Facing Dog.

So, neither of us got a lot of sleep Wednesday, and Thursday started early as Di shuffled off to Davis, and I got to my day gig such that by the time both of us were done with our day, we settled into our bedroom to munch dinner and watch the game. By the fifth inning, Diane had fallen asleep, only to wake up every few innings when something amazing would happen, and I would scream "unbelievable."

I am actually unsure what more I can say that has not already been written about the game, and probably the series even by now.

But, the only word to describe that game Thursday night is "epic." And, in a way that word will forever be associated with the St. Louis crown of 2011.

In fact, I had been rooting for my mate Wash and his Rangers because, well, he is my mate. But, after those Game 6 heroics, how could anyone root against St. Louis?

Down but not out, this team just refused to go away, and as a result, they are now the World Champs, at least for the next 365 days.

Early in the playoffs, someone asked me who I thought would win and I said St. Louis. When asked why, I replied "because they are the hot team right now."

And there you have it. Congrats David and Albert and Tony et al. A job well done, and well deserved.

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