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Friday 20th Oct 2017

Last week I wrote about my Kathy League Gifford team, "Lawrceny," and how I was resigned to take my lumps Week 7 of play.

That is because in this league, among other things, we must play two QB each Sunday, and in a league with 12 teams, where 36 signal callers are needed to account for bye weeks, well, something somewhere was going to have to give.

Where it gave for me was that my top pair of quarterbacks--Ryan Fitzpatrick and Eli Manning--both byes on Sunday. Worse, though I had four more back-ups on my roster (can't have too many of these guys in a league like this) in Vince Young, John Kitna, Ryan Mallett and Carson Palmer on my bench, meaning my chances for points were simply none.

Truth is I had decided just to start no one, and let it go, hoping for strong performances from the rest of my team. This decision was generally tough as for the first time ever, through six weeks of the season, my team is in first place in a format where we also play a full match-up against each team each week.

In other words my team score bangs against all 11 other teams and I get wins when I scored more points than another club, and a loss when my total is less, so in a week where my team bags the most Sunday and Monday night points, I go 11-0.

So, what happens?

Well, first Carson Palmer gets swapped to the Raiders just in time for me to think about it.

So, I put in a bid for John Beck, and also Kyle Boller passing on A.J. Feely and Charlie Whitehurst for reasons I know not why (though I am guessing since I changed my strategy last minute, it was simply not thinking things out).

Of course I got Boller only, meaning now I had two Oakland players and nothing else at the helm.

"OK," I thought, "at least one of them will play, and perhaps one will start and be spelled by the other, but, at least it will not be a goose egg."

Well, I guess I was prescient in more ways than one.

First, you know how sometimes in fantasy baseball, when you are in a deep league, and one of your catchers goes down? And, you have the chance of leaving the spot empty and not harming your team but having no production, or risk taking Landon Powell and hoping he does not hurt you?

Well, that--meaning just sucking it up and taking zero points for that spot--is what I should have done, for if you watched the Raiders game, you know that the Boller/Palmer tandem tossed five pics (though two were deflecftions), and each earned negative five points for a total of minus ten.

That means going into Monday night--where I have Rays Lewis and Rice starting--I have a league worst 50 points, and that with the ten lost by Boller and Palmer, I would have one win. And, were the pair to garner a reasonable 30 points, which is not unreasonable in this format, it would be worth four more wins had I left the helm empty.

Such are those best laid plans of mice and men.

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