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Tuesday 17th Oct 2017

My favorite fantasy football league is the one I started around ten years ago, called Kathy League Gifford.

I like it because it is so different from my other three football leagues which ascribe pretty much to a standard format of players and points.

But, in League Gifford there are some wrinkles.

First, there is no direct Head-to-Head, but rather each week we have a league match-up, meaning wins and losses are based upon total points against those of the rest of the league on any given Sunday.

In other words, the high scoring team goes 11-0 for the week in the 12-team set-up, while the team with the least points gets an 0-11.

Then, instead of a team defense, we play three individual defensive players. Three linebackers, or nose tackles, or free safeties. Whatever the owner think will do it, and we draft these defensive players along with the rest of our team during the August selections.

And, trust me, a good defensive game with a couple of sacks, a recovered fumble, or maybe an interception run back for a TD can be as valuable in generating points as a wide receiver with six catches, 100 yards, and a score.

But, the real kicker is we are a league where you must play two quarterbacks each week, and if you want to talk about problematic, twelve teams and bye weeks suggest 36 quarterbacks are needed, and with 32 NFL teams, that means someone will get caught short.

In Week 7, despite the fact that I have six quarterbacks on my roster, I will be the one caught short.

That is because my gunslingers include two good starters in Ryan Fitzpatrick and Eli Manning, along with three losers named Jon Kitna, Vince Young, Carson Palmer, and Ryan Mallett.

And though my team is amazingly in first place as I write, five of the above guys have byes this coming Sunday, with only Kitna putting on his pads.

I tried to play the waiver wire and grab a couple of more signal callers, but as you can guess, these guys are at a premium, and well, I was having a hard time bidding $50 FAAB on the likes of John Beck, for I got Kitna on such a hunch wasting $25.

Now, I might make bids on both Beck and Kyle Boller, but I am not what you would call opimistic that I will land either, let alone that they will deliver.

So, I am mostly hoping I can just bite the bullet this week, depend upon my receivers and running backs and Ray Lewis, and stumble through the week with a 5-6 record.

I guess the main problem is I am so unused to having success in this league that it never occured to me that this issue would arise.

We should all have such problems.


0 #1 Perry Van Hook 2011-10-18 23:15
Well I am not sure he will help you in Week 7 - seems like Oakland would be rushing him out there but at least your Carson Palmer is not on Bye this week.

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