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Tuesday 19th Sep 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please.  Pinch-picking for GaryJ will be Todd Zola.  Yikes, there is a reason why I respectfully decline to play in my buddies football pick ‘em pools – I am not very good at it.  So as David Letterman used to say, “Please, no wagering.”  If you really feel the urge to lay some money based on anything written herein, do us both a favor and donate it to your favorite charity.  That said, hypothetically, if I were to play in a pick ‘em pool, here would be my Week 4 picks.

Detroit at Dallas (-2.5): If home field advantage of worth 3 points, that means most consider the Lions to be just a little better than the Cowboys.  I think they are more than a little better. PICK DETROIT

New Orleans at Jacksonville (+7): That’s a big number and I would feel better about the home dog if they had someone capable of a big play as one fluke touchdown and Jax covers.  That said, MJD has a shot to keep Brees and company off the field, so I will roll the dice on a fluke score.  PICK JACKSONVILLE

San Francisco at Philadelphia (-9.5): Another big number which pretty much necessitates Mike Vick staying on the field to cover.  On the other hand, the way the 49ers have played with the ball, 10 points may be enough to cover.  However, I have a little feeling this is going to be the next step in the transition to Kendall Hunter and SF keeps it close.  PICK SAN FRANCISCO

Washington at St. Louis (+3): Anything more than this and I would have gone with the home team to cover but not necessarily win.  As is, I’ll back the Washington defense which is the best unit on the field in this game.  PICK WASHINGTON

Tennessee at Cleveland (+1): A healthy and productive Chris Johnson and I back the visitor, but I think some teams enjoy more than a 3 point home edge, the Browns on that list.  PICK CLEVELAND

Buffalo at Cincinnati (+3): I wonder when the last time Buffalo was favored on the road?  The Bills’ attack is for real and should be able to outpace the Bengals.  PICK BUFFALO

Minnesota at Kansas City (+3): Imagine sitting at a bar with Fran Tarkenton and Len Dawson while this game is on the tube?  Adrian Peterson is by far the best player on the field, when in doubt, back the best player.  PICK MINNESOTA

Carolina at Chicago (-6.5): The Bears have faced ample running QBs that that they should be able to keep Cam Newton in check.  PICK CHICAGO

Pittsburgh at Houston (-3.5): This is the toughest game on the board for me to pretend pick.  I sense a shootout and often in a shootout, the winner is the team that also has a big defensive score and that is where the Steelers have an edge.  PICK PITTSBURGH

Atlanta at Seattle (+5): Atlanta has more weapons, though the Seahawks are a different squad at home.  But since the Falcons are better on both sides of the ball, I can see them winning by a TD.  PICK ATLANTA

NY Giants and Arizona (+1): I like the Cardinals D to make a difference but would feel better about the home squad if Beanie were 100%.  Now I remember why I don’t usually do this.  PICK ARIZONA

Miami at San Diego (-7): With Antonio Gates, I could see the home team covering the big number, but the Dolphins have showed they can score.  You know, maybe this is obvious to those that do this sort of thing regularly, but each game, I say to myself “the team that scores a defensive TD will beat the spread.  I wonder how close this is to being the truth.  PICK MIAMI

Denver at Green Bay (-12): That’s not enough.  PICK GREEN BAY

New England at Oakland (+6): The good thing about doing this once in a blue moon with no expectations is I can make a homer pick and right now, my homies need something good.  PICK NEW ENGLAND

NY Jets and Baltimore (-4.5): The fact that the Ravens do not have a stud wide-out to get lost on Revis Island plays to their advantage as the best aspect of the Jets defense is minimized.  I like Ray Rice to go off in this one.  PICK BALTIMORE

Indianapolis at Tampa Bay (-10): Really?  Ten points?  I know, the Colts are not very good without what’s his name, but it’s not like the Bucs are great shakes.  Perhaps the biggest bummer about this game is the minimal fantasy aspect it will have for those that have players going in close contests.  PICK INDIANAPOLIS


0 #1 Todd Zola 2011-10-03 05:36
6-9, told ya :-?

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