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Saturday 24th Feb 2018

Wednesday, September 21 – 10:30 PM

Seven innings pitched, two hits, no runs, one walk, six strikeouts. Just another outstanding performance by Javier Vazquez tonight. After getting off to a terrible start to the season Javy has been near flawless in the second half (7-3  2.16 ERA  0.89 WHIP) and fortunately for me, I picked him up at exactly the right time…during the All-Star break. Come to think of it, I always seem to own Javy at the right time. I owned him back in ’03, then again in ’07, and again in ’09. Firmly convinced that drafting Vazquez in odd numbered years was the secret, I liked him this season as a late-round value pick, as he would be returning to the NL and pitching in a very favorable home ballpark. The problem was that a lot of other owners were also intrigued by him, so I was left Vazquez-less in all of my leagues. But here I am reunited with him again, and I’d like to thank Javier for helping me ascend to 6th place in my money league after spending most of the season in 9th or 10th. Actually, I’d like to thank my entire pitching staff, including Vance Worley, Ivan Nova, Jeremy Hellickson and the rock solid Tim Hudson. Without you guys, I’d be the laughingstock of this league, the so-called “fantasy expert” who can’t even finish in the top half in a league with his old college friends.

Thursday, September 22 – 2:25 PM

Yeah, I won my Week 2 matchup in my football money league. But it took Jeremy Maclin’s 42.2 fantasy points to do it. And while Joseph Addai had a decent game, rushing for 64 yards while catching four passes for 37 yards, an obvious improvement over his Week 1 stinker, I’m still very uncomfortable with him as an every week starter. A trade is in order, but this won’t be easy. Who in their right mind would want to deal a top-20 running back this early in the season? It just doesn’t make any sense, especially when the highest scoring waiver wire options are none other than Marcel Reese and John Kuhn? But there’s no harm in trying to pull off something. So I just posted a message to the league offering Maclin, whose stock can’t possibly get any higher than it is right now, in exchange for a quality No. 2 level RB. I like Maclin a lot but do have Santana Moss on my bench, and he would make for a serviceable replacement. Let’s see if there’s any interest, because things just can’t go on like this, spending every week wondering whether I’d be getting anything at all out of my second running back.

Friday, September 23 – 10:45 PM

Well, barring a miracle, it’s looking like my NL-only head-to-head league squad will come up short of a title. And while it’s disappointing that I won’t be taking home the hardware in my rookie season in this league, I’ve honestly never been more satisfied with a second place finish. Hey, I almost backed out of joining, overwhelmed by the complex keeper and contract rules and fearing that I might make a complete fool out of myself. But to get all the way to the finals after posting the second-best regular season record is a pretty cool accomplishment. And I’m not one to pat myself on the back. With Troy Tulowitzki hurt for a good portion of the two-week long championship round, Tommy Hanson on the DL, Dillon Gee’s first half cinderella ride a thing of the past and the normally ultra-consistent Joey Votto slumping badly, my team simply ran out of gas. But that’s OK. The important thing is that I took on a new challenge and enjoyed a great deal of success. I’ll be back in 2012, and will surely not feel overmatched next time around.

Saturday, September 24 – 3:46 PM

Zero. So far, there’s been zero interest whatsoever in swapping a No. 2 running back for Jeremy Maclin, and I’m not all that surprised. There’s really nothing I can do right now but continue to wait and start preparing to see a miniscule point total next to Joseph Addai’s name on Sunday’s box score. He’ll square off against a Steelers defense that routinely dominates against the run. Even the elite backs struggle to produce vs. Pittsburgh, so the thought of Addai facing them is scary.

But why worry about that now? I’ve got a Yankees-Red Sox game to watch, and I’m looking forward to it. With the fates of my five fantasy baseball teams more or less sealed, I can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show as the game of reality baseball takes center stage. Then again, if reality gets a bit too boring, I can always escape into the world of 2012 draft planning.

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