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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017

How many of you are looking at your fantasy football matchups this week just thinking, ‘Wow, I could have won by simply starting my back-up quarterback.’

In my case it was, you know, that Cam Newton guy.

The rookie has sat on my bench for both the last two weeks because, well, he is a rookie. And I sat him against Arizona last week, so there is no way I am going to play a guy going into his second NFL game against the reigning Super Bowl champs, period.

Sadly, the 41 points Newton put up on my bench went unused, and thus the team I owned that was indeed favored not just this week, but arguably within the league, is now 1-1, making it the worst of my teams right now.

I don't think anyone would fault this mistake, if sitting a guy with Newton's experience in deference to an established player like Matt Schaub, but football is so strange with playing hunches and favorites.

For, in the Experts Schmexperts League I have Drew Brees as my primary QB and Jay Cutler as my back-up. And, in looking carefully at their contest while setting my roster, I decided to give Cutler the start for a couple of reasons.

First, I thought the Chicago defense and pass rush better than the Saints, meaning Brees would have a tough day.

Second, the Saints pass defense did not look as strong.

Unfortunately there was a third reason, and that is I am a Bears fan. And, I like Cutler, and I think he and his teammates are going to have a good season. So, I used those numbers to rationalize starting the guy on the team I really like, as opposed to starting the better player at the position.

So, it was bad enough that I played the wrong guy in each contest, leaving the logical choice on the bench in one and losing, while not playing the logical choice in another and almost losing (ok, I didn't lose, but I made a bad mistake).

I think this week I will simply consult my Ouija Board.

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