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Sunday 25th Feb 2018

Sometimes a good trade is not always a good trade.

A case in point happened in my MidWest Strat-O-Matic League over the past week when my pal Jason Grey was willing to pony up Prince Fielder for Ryan Zimmerman.

For the record, the MW Strat League is a 30-team set up where we can freeze up to 29 players a year. Meaning, were I to make the swap Jason could keep Zimmerman till the cows came home, as could Fielder.

And, the reality is the swap would upgrade first for me a lot over Ike Davis, as it would third for him with Wilson Betemit. In fact, a fine on-base power hitter is exactly what I need, and though Zimmerman sort of qualifies as one of those, his power and production are not nearly as prolific as Fielder, and particularly when comparing 2011 numbers.

The thing with Strat is, however, that we are playing 2010 numbers, and in that context my third baseman's .308-20-67 numbers eclipse Fielder's .237-20-54, and since defense also counts in Strat, that too has to be a consideration.

One other factor is that both Jason's Disco Pimps and my Berkeley Liberators are in major contention for the National League playoffs and a chance for post season play.

So, should I make the swap I need to cover my hot corner, ostensibly with the likes of Bill Hall who is neither the stick nor the glove of Ryno.

But, allowing Jason to punch Zimmerman into his roster means he would have an infield of Miguel Cabrera, Chase Utley, Jose Reyes, and Zimmerman, not too mention Matt Holiday and Jayson Werth in his outfield (Jason also has Francisco Liriano, Mat Latos, Colby Lewis, Brett Myers, and Stephen Strasburg in his rotation).

So, the question issue pushes into a couple of other directions. First, in making that swap, can I anticipate beating the Pimps this year (probably not). Second, for how long could Jason's team dominate with those guys and Zimmerman on his team?

I am not sure of that answser, but the Pimps do indeed look as if they could be a powerhouse for the next few seasons even without Zimmerman.

But, there is one other consideration, and that is the Pimps and the Liberators both play in the National League with the MWStrat setup. So, since Jason has both Cabrera, whom he originally grabbed as a third sacker (where he no longer qualifies) and Fielder, meaning for the bulk of each game, one of his big bats has to sit. And, that goes to the advantage of the entire league.

The reality is I never really even noticed Jason assembling such a juggernaut, but it does make me wonder how carefully others have scoured the Pimps and what they would look like post trade as the past year has progressed.

The result is that I did not make the swap, partially because I don't want to look for a new third baseman. In fact, I love the idea of Zimmerman and Hanley Ramirez manning the left side of Berkeley infield for the next tean years.

Truth is I have played against Jason for the past ten years, and he is surely one of the best fantasy players I know, or have ever met. I have beaten him, but it is no easy task.

I surely don't want to spend the next decade chasing him as well.



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