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Tuesday 24th Oct 2017

So, during my first game back at the yard after a couple of weeks break, I watched the Blue Jays wallop the Athletics 7-0, giving me a shot at seeing Toronto's third sacker, Brett Lawrie.

Before the first pitch, in fact before warm-ups, the buzz in the booth was Lawrie is not a pleasant interview, in fact the word was he was more than just cocky. And, with his "thumbs up" exuberation after last week's slam off Oakland when the Athletics were at the Rogers Center, it seems that was more the act of an "in-your-face" guy than one who was excited after the big hit.

I suppose to be successful at that level one must be cocky, or at least supremely confident.

Well, like it or not Lawrie hit pretty well, going 2-for-3 with an RBI, a run, and a walk, raising his season totals to .378-3-10 over his brief Major League career.

And, he made at least two defensive plays that were stellar, including one where he landed on his butt after ranging far to his left and gloving the ball, then getting the force at second forcing out Brandon Allen in the second inning.

Speaking of which, along with the rest of the universe, my opinion of Allen has changed.

The first sacker roped a hard single just before the force, pulling a hard grounder just inside the bag and out of the reach of Adam Lind, and hit a second ball that Lind snared for a good play. Allen is big at 6'2" and 235 pounds, but moves very well for his size. That also happened to be one of three hits Oakland managed off a very effective Ricky Romero.


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