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Sunday 17th Dec 2017


Wednesday, August 10 – 10:45 PM

Really, who would have expected this? A 31-game hitting streak? For the first three months of the season, my decision to keep Dan Uggla in a 12-team mixed 5-keeper league was looking like perhaps my worst decision in a decade of playing fantasy baseball. I knew that last year’s .282 average was likely an aberration considering his track record in that department, but a .250 mark to go along with his usual 30-plus homers seemed like a lock. And his move away from that cavernous ballpark in Miami was supposed to help his overall production, not hurt it. So April came and went, then May, then June, and Uggla was batting .178 with a decent, but for his standards, disappointing 12 home runs. The fact that his average still stands at a lowly .220 despite the longest hitting streak in the Majors this year goes to show just how awful a first half he had. But unlike fellow first half bust Mr. Dunn, Uggla is actually rewarding his owners for their patience. If Yogi was right in saying that 90 percent of the game is half-mental, maybe Uggla can pass along his shrink’s contact info to Dunn. Barring a World Series meeting, the Braves and White Sox will not play each other this year. No conflict of interest whatsoever.


Thursday, August 11 – 10:32 AM

The nightmare that has been Hanley Ramirez’s 2011 season continues as the former consensus top-2 draft pick was placed on the DL last night with a sprained shoulder. Hanley’s second DL trip of the year now ensures that, for the first time in his career, he will fail to reach the 140 games played mark. And the frustrating thing is that Ramirez is coming off a very strong month of July in which he batted .293 with five homers, 21 RBI and five steals. But unlike earlier in the year when I frantically searched the waiver wire for a substitute, I’m surprisingly calm about all of this. I’m so far out of contention in my money league that the emotional Zach has been replaced by a more relaxed version, someone who really doesn’t care whether he finishes seventh, eighth or ninth. I’ll revisit this over the weekend. Lineups aren’t due until Monday and it’s not like there’s a waiver wire shortstop who can make an immediate difference anyway.

I’m feeling like a total hypocrite as I always advise owners to take advantage of this time in the season when many of their league mates will lose interest in their teams altogether and shift their focus to their football drafts. I’ll never be one of those guys, but let me be honest. Right now, I’d rather think about Adrian Peterson vs. Arian Foster than Yuniesky Betancourt vs. Alex Gonzalez.


Friday, August 12 – 11:30 PM

A part of me can relate to Carlos Zambrano. When Anibal Sanchez gave up five runs and couldn’t even make it through the second inning in his most recent outing, I felt like throwing my remote control out the window. But did I come close to doing that? Nope.  The most effective fantasy owners are usually the ones who can maintain their cool in all situations, and I like to think of myself as a very even-keeled GM, someone who rarely makes rash decisions. Yet here I am getting ready to drop Big Z in an NL-only league! I’ve truly had enough of his shenanigans. How can someone who quits on his own team deserve a spot on my fantasy team, right? But as much as I want to make this move, something is stopping me. What if this entire incident blows over and Zambrano is back on the mound in five days? Yeah, it’s unlikely, but it’s possible. I’m not ready to clean out my locker just yet. Let’s see what comes of this melodrama.


Saturday, August 13 - 11:02 AM

Looks like the Cubs made my decision for me. That was easy.

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