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Saturday 16th Dec 2017

As has been discussed a few times, it is a misconception that it is nearly impossible to gain or lose points in the ration categories (batting average, on base percentage, ERA and WHIP).  I will not regurgitate the arguments, but the primary point is everything is dependent upon the distribution in your league’s standings.  However, knowing you can make up the ground and actually doing it are two separate things.  Something I have found useful in my efforts to gain points in the ratio categories is having a target ratio in mind that is necessary to get the job done.  I can then look at the challenge objectively and determine if I truly have a chance at attain that target ratio.  So today’s submission is a downloadable Excel spreadsheet programmed to calculate the target ratio necessary to gain the potential points.

All you need is some general data usually available from your on-line scoring service.  To determine the target ERA and WHIP, all you need is the present number of innings pitched your staff has accrued along with your current ERA and WHIP.  Then all you need to do is estimate the number of innings you expect your staff to throw the remainder of the season and determine your season-ending target, usually based on your league’ standings and how many places you want to gain.   You enter these numbers and voila, the tool will compute the ERA and WHIP your staff needs to attain the rest of the season to finish at your target.

Something I like to do is take my present innings and prorate that total to determine an expected number remaining and set the target ERA and WHIP to see what results.  I then ask myself a series of questions to set my strategy.  Is the ERA and WHIP realistic?  If it is not, and I humbly feel there is no chance I can reach them, I consider lowering the innings and using solid middle relievers instead, assuming I can afford the hit in wins and especially strikeouts.  The idea here is replacing lower end starts with solid set up men lowers the likely rest of the year ERA.  Similarly, I will check out the wins and strikeouts to determine if I need to increase my starting pitchers to make up points in those categories, then estimate how that is apt to impact the ratios.   Instead of entering a target ERA and WHIP, I enter the ratio I expect my amplified staff to achieve to see if I lose too many points in ERA and WHIP.  The possibilities are endless.  For what it is worth, if your league uses a different ratio like K/9, it will still work just fine.

Also included is a similar tool to compute batting average, on base percentage or whatever hitting ratio your league uses.  All you need is the year to date at bats or plate appearances along with your current batting average or on base percentage.

Click HERE to download the ratio tool.

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