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Saturday 24th Feb 2018

Monday, July 11 – 2:45 PM

It’s a strange feeling not having to set my lineups today for my weekly leagues, but it’s also a nice feeling, even though I don’t really know what to do with all this new found free time. What did I used to do before I started playing fantasy baseball? The scary thing is that I don’t really remember. I know a lot of “fantasy experts” advise people to use the All-Star break to assess your team to identify strengths and weaknesses, explore trade possibilities and send out some offers, but I’m going to try something different. I’m going to attempt to not even look at any of my teams for the next 48 hours, until I have to start thinking about my lineups for Thursday. I’ll let you know how this goes.


Wednesday, July 13 – 12:08 AM

Mission failed. Thanks to the Mets’ decision to trade Francisco Rodriguez to the Brewers, I’m staring at my lineup right now and wrestling with a monumental decision. My decision to add Bobby Parnell last week has proven to be a brilliant one, but there’s also the possibility the Amazin’s turn to the more experienced Jason Isringhausen (293 career saves) to handle closing duties. I’m in a very nice position right now as waivers get processed at around 1 AM each night. I doubt that anyone else in the league has already learned of this breaking news story and will put in a claim for Izzy in the next 52 minutes. So I have an opportunity here to secure a monopoly on the Mets’ closer market. But the more I scan my roster the more I’m realizing that I simply cannot afford to drop any of my current players. I’ll pass on Izzy and just hope that the Mets opt for Parnell’s upside over Isringhausen’s track record. There’s also the distinct possibility that the club trades Isringhausen. I say the chances are greater than 50/50 that Parnell will be the guy.


Saturday, July 16 – 11:40 AM

You know the type. He’s the owner in last place who can’t help but find an excuse. “Ah, I stopped paying attention to that league a long time ago,” he would explain. Or he might say something like “This is the league I care about the least of all my leagues because it’s not for money.” And it’s even worse when this owner is your commissioner! I mean, why did you start up this league if you knew you wouldn’t be able to put 100 percent effort into it? Well, in one of my NL-only leagues (which is billed as an experts league), our commish, who at this time finds himself in the cellar, posted a mid-season message last night wishing everyone good luck in the second half, apologizing for his team’s poor performance and vowing to right the ship. And that’s all fine and dandy. But then he goes on to say “Of course, like most of us I’m sure, I prioritize the time and effort I put into my leagues, and $ leagues naturally tend to take precedence.” Now, the funny thing is that this guy totally doesn’t fit the “bitter owner” label. He hasn’t abandoned his team, he doesn’t have any injured players in his active lineup. He’s doing the best he can with an underperforming roster that includes the likes of Dan Uggla, Casey McGehee and the injured Josh Johnson. No further explanation needed. This just isn’t his year. And that’s OK. I really wonder why he chose to make that statement. Sometimes, it’s better to just not say anything.

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