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Saturday 16th Dec 2017

Felicitations, and I trust you all had a great holiday week.

I did, culminating with the weekend leading up to the break up in the Eastern Sierra, plying music and hanging with a group of friends in an annual trek. With no internet, television or news. Not even the use of my beloved iPhone, save a couple of late night insomniac time on iAssociate, a terrific game.

So, I will keep it short and sweet this time. And usually I write at this time of year with a handful of things to do during the break, and first and foremost I can indeed recommend doing jus that: Going away bereft of TV or internet, just for a few days. It is liberating. And better, refreshing.

Even better, make sure you do it with this with your partner and family, and give them some undivided attention.

Take a walk on the beach, and make sure you breathe in the air.

Not to mention smelling the roses.

I will be back next week with some thoughts about the second half and more.


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