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Sunday 25th Feb 2018

I know all of you have had one of those weeks. You know, one of those spreads when nothing seems to go right. When everything feels like it is out of sync, and nothing seems to fit right?

Worse, not anything epic is misfiring. It is more like leaving the water running in the sink so it overflows because someone called in the other room, and you got distracted. Or, while scoring a game, forgetting to substitute Joey Devine for Brad Ziegler for an inning, and then when you get home, realizing the dogs got into the kibble bin and gorged themselves.

Actually, I had a couple of bad goofs during the three games I worked this week, and while it was just one thing each game, and not the end of the world, these mistakes, like the Devine error, which actually happened, haunt me. For though I have had little bumpy times like this from time-to-time during my life, not so much over the last ten years (when something has happened to or around me over that spell, it is indeed something tumultuous and grandiose.)

Of course, luck is subjective.

For example, I actually did work the Giants game on Wednesday, when the San Franciscans amazingly rallied for four runs, with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, including rocking Leo Nunez for his first blown save after 18 consecutive successful conversions.

By the time the tying run scored, a chunk of the usually boisterous and loyal Giants fans had left disillusioned. Well, the remaining 25,000 or so did kick the screaming back up until Scott Cousins scored his now infamous 12th inning run, knocking poor Buster Posey out of the game for the evening, and following two months.

That play knocked the sails out of everything, as the crowd hushed, and in the bottom of the inning the Giants bats were silenced 1-2-3 by no less than Burke Badenhop. (This does illustrate that subjectivity, as the Giants bad luck proved to be good luck for the Marlins.)

But, that sort of illustrates how strange life and those bumps can be. Would the Giants have been better off not scoring those four runs, and as a result, have their catcher in one piece?

Since they lost the game anyway, in hindsight the answer might seem to be "yes," but in the moment, pushing the game into extra innings  was a terrific thing that woke everyone--including the Giants sticks, which had been deadly quiet--in a great way.

But again, I doubt the Giants regret scoring the runs, for though they will miss Posey, this gives them a chance to see if they really have a team that can deal. For, whether we like it or not, it is indeed those challenges that push us forward, and I feel confident that if the San Franciscans can keep pace that will make them all the better when their backstop returns.

But, blocking the plate is Buster's job, and he was trying to help his team win. Just like Josh Hamilton when he broke his arm.

In fact, I can use the Giants as my role model here, for while I was working the Athletics game last night, Brandon Crawford, the Giants rookie shortstop who a day earlier had been toiling at Class-A San Jose at age 24, whacked a grand slam off Shaun Marcum. Suddenly, San Fransciso, which had been trailing 3-1, and unable to do anything against Marcum, were ahead. And suddenly, Tim Lincecum, who was 4-4, with a 2.05 ERA going into the game--suggesting he had been pitching under hard luck--got a lead, and wound up with a win.

It is precisely that kind of inexplicable strangeness that makes baseball so fun and fascinating. As well as such a metaphor for life, for just like life, things seem they should go a certain way. And, sometimes they do, but just as often, things progress and wind up in a fashion that simply makes us scratch our heads trying to figure out just what exactly happened.

So, like the Giants, I guess I just have to hang in there and ride the bumps. After all, I am just a grand slam away from things falling back into place.

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