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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

Organized Chaos – Rants, Ramblings and Ruminations from the Mind of a So-Called Expert

I did not want to do this until I was confident I would be able to continue on a fairly regular basis and that time is now.  Using our Mastersblog as the platform, I am pleased to announce the return of Organized Chaos, which was the name of my blog when I resurrected Mastersball a few years ago.  Unfortunately, organized chaos also describes my life, so I had to backburner writing it, until now.   I am once again looking forward to sharing assorted rants, ramblings and ruminations from the mind of a so-called expert.

Chicks may dig the long ball, but this dumpy pundit really digs great defense.  If you have not seen the catch made by Roger Bernadina on a deep line drive off the bat of Mike Stanton on Friday night yet, try to find it.  How he did not drop that ball when he hit the ground is beyond me.

A tale of two plays, in that same game, the winning run was scored by Omar Infante, who motored around from first on a double down the right field line by Greg Dobbs.  The relay throw beat him to the plate, but Infante lifted his arm, avoided the tag and barely made contact with the tip of the pentagon. 

Then in Oakland, Coco Crisp was on third with his Athletics down by a run in the eighth.  Matt Thornton wound up and Coco took off.  A.J. Pierzynski did not wait for the ball to come to him, he lunged forward a bit, caught it and dove for Crisp, who tried to avoid the tag by sliding in front of the plate and hand-tagging it on the way by, but Pierzynski cut him off and the potential tying run was eliminated.

Are you feeling lucky?  See if Seattle’s David Pauley is available.  Brandon League is in a horrific funk and Pauley has been in a real groove lately.

While this may be considered blasphemous, I am sorry, but the great Vin Scully has jumped the shark for me.  No question, he was one of the best, but his style of calling a TV broadcast as if it is over the radio has worn out its welcome with me.  That said, I am somewhat surprisingly enjoying Dick Enberg and crew on the Padres games.

A couple of days ago, my buddy Paul Jones asked for my opinion on a trade.  He was dealing a cheap Jose Bautista in an AL only keeper league.  Amongst those coming back was Miguel Cabrera.  As I was breaking down the deal, my first thought was a cheap Bautista is a wash with a regularly priced Cabrera so I took them out of the deal and looked at what was left.   But then I realized something - are we really sure Cabrera will finish the season with better stats than Bautista?  Gang, it is time to swallow our pride and admit it, Bautista is for real.  I am still hearing some insist he is a fluke.  We have gotten to the point where some are so dead set on “believing their philosophy” that they are blinded to the fact that sometimes, stuff happens that defies probability.  Remember, everything has never happened until it happens the first time.

Still worried about Adrian Gonzalez?

The balk by Ernesto Frieri where he just dropped the ball as he was throwing reminded me of my first year in Colt League, the 13 and 14 year old division.  I did not really blossom as a ballplayer until I was 15.  At 13, I was Engleberg in Bad News Bears, but could not hit a lick.  I was only playing because my Uncle was the Manager.  I usually played the first half of the game, but on this night, I played the whole thing as the other fat guy I shared right field with was on vacation.  It was a tie game, the bases were loaded, it was the bottom of the last inning and I waddled to the plate.  My Uncle, who was coaching third called me over and whispered an instruction in my ear.  The pitcher toed the rubber and began his motion.  Just as he was about to raise his arms over his head, I purposely dropped my bat and the pitcher stopped his delivery.  As if it was on cue, the entire team started yelling BALK, BALK.  Sure enough, the home plate umpire ruled it a balk and we won!!!  Apparently, my Uncle had told the team if I was ever up in this situation, he would tell me to drop the bat saying while I did not have the balls to hang in against a curve ball, I would have the balls to do the bat trick.  Back at home that night, I read the rule book and learned that I actually should have been called out and thrown out of the game.  I never did ask my Uncle if he knew that.

Until next time....

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