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Friday 20th Oct 2017

My favorite game to watch consists of a lead off home run and a final score of 1-0.

I love these games because at first you think, "uh oh, slugfest." But, as the pitches and outs and innings pass, the implications of that first at-bat intensify, until ultimately the contest becomes a one-pitch affair.

Well, last night at AT&T Park, I got to see the inverse, as Tim Lincecum and Ian Kennedy squared off for eight innings of scoreless ball. In the top of the ninth, Brian Wilson shut down the Diamondbacks, but a walk to Buster Posey, replaced by pinch runner Dan Ford, stole second. And Cody Ross hit a single, so with one out in the bottom of the ninth the run scored and David Hernandez went home a loser.

Kennedy threw 116 pitches, 76 for strikes, while Lincecum delivered 113, and also 76 good ones. Kennedy walked three, Lincecum two, while both allowed four hits, while the Giant struck out nine to Arizona's eight.

It was also a night when Andres Torres and Mark DeRosa returned to the lineup, giving a bit of a hopeful offensive infusion, and Torres even started the bottom of the first with a single, though shortly thereafter he was doubled up. In fact, DeRosa hit into a double play later in the game, one of three for the evening.

I know there are people who think baseball is boring, especially such a game where there is minimal scoring, but think about it. There are 254 total pitches released by the four hurlers who toiled Tuesday night, meaning there were 253 misses on run scoring hits.

If that is not tense, I have no clue what is.


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