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Monday 23rd Oct 2017

I don't really like to read the transactions every day, even though I know I should.

But, especially this time of year, it is not about laziness. I just like trolling through two or three days worth, where there might be something substantive to look at, rather than one day with a smattering of disinteresting (eg, Matt Herges signed to a minor league deal with KC) ones.

It does, however, always crack me up to see the names and get not just the yo-yo nature of being a ball player, but as with any relationship, how hard it is to break it off.

Witness Mark Grudzielanek, who signed a minor league deal with the Indians. A few months back I was looking at values, and Grudz consistantly was a guy not drafted who wound up giving very good numbers, so I would not sell him short. Still, his roto value is probably as much of a pipe dream as getting a full time job is, but, well, among some of the other names of less stature who were in the same transaction cycle:

Russ Ortiz, signed to a deal with the Dodgers

Dan Johnson, signed to a deal with the Rays

Lenny DiNardo, signed to a deal with the Athletics

Brian Bocock, designated for assignment by theGiants, followed by

Brian Bocock, acquired off waivers by Toronto

Transactions are the essence of a player's career, to some extent.

They are also a treasure trove of head scratching "hmmmmmmmms."

In a good way.


0 #2 JP Kastner 2010-01-14 14:43
I think so. Schafer is too talented not to get a second chance. He started out hot but was playing hurt. That wrist injury affected his power. I know that his prospect status is tarnished a little bit, but he still might etch out a career.
0 #1 John Verdello 2010-01-14 13:12
I agree ...it borders on tedium - but every once in a while you get one that makes you research it a little further - like Brandon Jones being DFA'd by the Braves the other day - which means they're comfortable with their OF situation - Mc Louth, Melky, Diaz and Hinske. Does this mean we're in for Schafer Redux regardless of performance?

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