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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

We are pleased to introduce our first guest contributor to the NFBC Zone, none other than Dan Kenyon.  While Dan has been with the NFBC since the beginning and is a very accomplished player, some of you may be more familiar with Dan’s message board moniker, Doughboys.  Dan has kept the NFBC message forum alive with entertaining yet thought provoking posts, providing many of us with a reason to keep checking the NFBC boards.

Mastersball: Welcome to the NFBC Zone, Dan.  How long have you been playing fantasy baseball?   Do you recall the name and format of your very first league?  Do you still play in it?

I have outlived most of my league mates.  My caller ID will say So and So nursing home is calling and I’ll know it’s Ulysses (if you know somebody named Ulysses, you’re old), Ulysses calls me every spring to help him decide if he wants Puckett or Griffey Jr. with the first pick.

Seriously, I think it was the early 80’s. I don’t remember the name of the league, but it had something to do with our local paper. Our ‘Commish’ was the Sports Editor and had perfect access to all box scores.

That league has since folded, but I’ve been playing ever since.

Mastersball: How long have you been with the NFBC and what contests do you play?

Since 2005. I read an ad while I was reading ‘Fantasy Sports’.  While the Super Bowl was on (Yeah, I was reading ‘Fantasy Sports’ while the Super Bowl was on, what of it!?) I thought that I’d done all that I could in Yahoo leagues and the like. So, I put on my halo, and begged my wife to swing through Las Vegas on our 30th Anniversary trip to California. She said yes, and, of course, she’s regretted it ever since. Just kidding, she’s been a great sport.

I play satellites, both 30 round and draft champions. I also haven’t missed a Main Event, which is what I focus on.

My friends tell me that I’m so cheap that if I ever play in an auction that I would spend a dollar on each player and demand a real refund on the rest of the money.

And, they’re probably right.

Mastersball: You have had your fair share of success over the years, including finishing second overall in the NFBC’s inaugural season.  What do you feel is the biggest difference in the competition now as compared to the early years?

It’s been a lot like poker. The newer players are more of a ‘go for it all’ player. They’ll take as much talent as possible at the top of the drafts and worry about their deficiencies later. At the same time, they have short term memories, the most recent stats are what is most important, not what has happened over the long term for a player.

Mastersball: For the past several years, you have shared your thoughts and insights on the NFBC message forums.  Today, we would like to reach out to some NFBC participants that may not read the boards.  So Dan (or Doughboys), what is on your mind today?

A lot. I think back to a guy named Bob who was on our High School baseball team that finished third in State. Bob was the last guy on our team, hardly ever got to play. Being a senior was the only thing that saved him from being junior varsity. He would occasionally hit the ball a mile, but mostly, a whiffer. After our year was over, we had the opportunity to scrimmage against the local College. The College coach came over to Bob during a practice and offered some advice. Bob tattooed every ball and hit two homers off of their college pitcher that day. He went on to become one of the best softball players that our region ever saw.

I know you’re wondering what this has to do with anything, but I’m thinking of Jose Bautista. I, now, not only marvel at just not how well he hits, but his arm, and the way he plays right field as well.  Jose, Bob, Bob, Jose.

Shoeless Joe Jackson took $5,000 to fix the ’19 Series. At the same time, he did nothing to help the Reds win the World Series. He led all hitters during the Series and did not make an error.

It makes me wonder.

Hmmmm, if I gave a call girl $5,000 (the going rate for any young girl to consider  hanky panky with me), and  she takes the money and tells me to get lost, is she considered to have performed the act?  Jackson was.

I also think about Aldo Nova and his hit record in the 80’s called ‘Fantasy’.  Some player like Drew Stubbs or Juan Pierre who are far better fantasy players than baseball players should use that song for their ‘entering the batter’s box’ theme. Just a thought.

Seriously, thanks to all who have replied to my posts. Hopefully, the posts are as much fun for you as they are for me.

Mastersball: Thanks Dan! Good luck the rest of the season and I feel I can speak for the NFBC community when I say your message board posts are a joy and help remind us that while this is a serious competition with a lot on the line, it is still supposed to be fun.



0 #2 Lance Turbes 2011-05-04 04:40
...and Dan's softball buddy Bob also = Jeff Farncoeur. :-)
0 #1 Lance Turbes 2011-05-03 17:32
Awesome read as always, Uncle Dan! A BIG welcome to Mastersball from one daily reader. :-)

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