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Monday 18th Dec 2017

I ran into a conundrum in my Scoresheet league over the last few weeks.

The Murphy League, which is a head-to-head format, consists of 24 teams, each with 35-man rosters. Each month we have a free agent draft wherein we can add two players to our rosters, without having to drop a player.

During the draft, I selected Erick Aybar as my shortstop, and covering my bets added Adam Rosales later as a back-up infielder.

Well, as we all know, Aybar went down at the end of the first week, allowing him to join teammate Rosales on the DL and leaving me without a shortstop.

Since Scoresheet is a head-to-head format, their brain trust assigns a minor league player to our team’s should such a void need filling, so for about ten days, my roster included the ubiquitous “Triple-A Infielder” at short.

Now, as soon as Aybar went down I trolled the league looking for a swap, but I did not really want to trade a draft pick for next year just yet, and the offers I got were pretty lean in Elliot Johnson, Brent Lillibridge, and Brendan Ryan.

Mind you, I do have some pretty good prospects to swap in Zach Britton, Dillon Gee, and Brett Jackson, among others, but just I as I was not interested in swapping a draft pick, neither was anyone in the league interested in trading for youth just yet.

So, I decided to just hang on and see what Triple-A Infielder would do.

Over the week I went a nice 4-2, but for grins, I checked the weekly numbers of Ryan, Johnson, and Lillibridge against Triple-A Infielder, and they looked something like this:







Triple-A Inf






Brendan Ryan






Elliot Johnson






Brent Lillibridge






I did get my shortstop back this week, but over the long haul, Triple-A Infielder went 11-for-54, hitting .204-0-5 with three errors committed.

Now, those are not stellar numbers, but compared to who I could trade for, they are acceptable.

Surely I will select another infielder at the end of the month just to make sure I am not obliged to survive too many other games at the mercy of Triple-A Infielder, but all in all, he did OK.

It is so easy for us, as fantasy owners to panic when we lose a player, and for some good reason. For it is impossible to win without having as many everyday bodies running out there, accumulating stats as possible.

But, in this instance, I did get a replacement, he cost me nothing, and the reality is he did not perform much worse than had I traded for a lesser stop-gap player. In fact, Triple-A Infielder did indeed trot onto the field each day and take his position, something that Ryan, Elliott, and Lillibridge did not do, which really means the game would have placed Triple-A Infielder on my roster anyway.

Now, obviously it does depend upon the format of your league as to whether you can weather the loss of a positional starter, but, in this instance, it worked.

Meaning doing nothing was indeed the best prescription.


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