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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

I was watching the Giants game the other night, not having seen the daily transactions, and noticed Cody Ross in the Giants starting lineup. To which the next question was, "OK, who got sent down?"

It was Brandon Belt.

I am big on Belt. A lot of us are, and he was clearly struggling. The truth is, for those of us who spent on Belt, that was wasted money/roster space. So, fill your spot and adjust, but don't give up on him. The first baseman has come a long way, very fast. But, I can think of another Giants first baseman who also came up very fast, and then had to be sent down to let him catch up with the world in which he was performing.

That would be Willie McCovey.

After winning the Rookie of the Year prize in 1959, Willie Mac was sent back to Tacoma in 1960 for 17 games because he was struggling. Not that Belt is McCovey, but he is pretty good. He has climbed to the Majors in a year, handled the Fall League with aplomb, and spring training. And this is his first bump. However, I think after hitting Major League pitching for a month, Belt will own Minor League pitching.

As for Erik Bedard and Joe Nathan, I own both of them, and I do have to admit I am a bit disappointed. But, I also know it takes a year to recover from surgery, and usually another year of play to get back to form. I also think both pitchers are simply not 100 percent. Nathan, because he has really not pitched for a year, so he is still getting his feel.  Plus he’s got to be conscious and careful with his arm. But once Nathan regains his stuff, he will be a dominant closer again. Meaning he will get his job back.

Same with Bedard, who has had the worst stat run of his career (but, oddly one of the smoothest health-wise). Bedard is striking hitters out, and he has improved with each start. He is also playing on a bad team. Either way, I think Bedard will similarly be okay, because he is striking hitters out. So, maybe only 10 or so wins, but I will bet 175 strikeouts, a 4.15 ERA, and WHIP of 1.30 are easily in sight, and for what I paid, that will be fine.



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