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Saturday 24th Feb 2018

This is the worst time of the season for those of us in the business of offering fantasy baseball strategy advice.  There is not a whole lot we can do other than to regurgitate Fantasy Baseball 101.  You know the drill: be patient, it is a marathon, not a sprint and buy low, sell high.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is just kick back and clear your head so you are ready for the long grind ahead.  So today, I thought I would take a break from the deep thinking and just get a few things off my chest.  Some will be baseball related, some will not.  But if nothing else, hopefully this will be a reminder that this is supposed to be fun.

Is there anything worse than checking the box scores, seeing a slugfest only to discover your guy went 0-for-5?

I suppose having your closer being brought into that game during a non-save situation and getting racked would beat it.

I am actually enjoying the ESPN Sunday night broadcast with Dan Schulman, Orel Hershiser and Bobby Valentine.  Schulman is perfectly understated, letting his analysts do their job.  And although Hershiser and Valentine occasionally get into an “I’m smarter” contest, they play off each other quite well.  That said, to me, the best of the bunch is Aaron Boone.

How come a soft-throwing lefty is deemed “crafty” while a soft-throwing righty is deemed “sucky”?

Are ketchup packets really that expensive?  If not, why are places so stingy giving them out?

We all do it.  And it is okay, you will not go blind.  Heck, contrary to popular belief, females even do it.  We do not like to admit it, we pretend we do not do it, but we all do it.   Trust me, those that claim they do not do it really do.  We are only human.   Even though in the big picture, it really means nothing, it satisfies an urge so we do it.  Heck, Perry and Jason just blogged about doing it.  We all look at the standings and feel good about the teams that are doing well and are concerned about those struggling.

Martin Sheen has to be pissed Charlie did not use Estevez as his last name.

How come when a senior wide-receiver makes a tip-toe sideline catch the announcer chalks it up to his experience, but the next year in the pros, when he barely touches his toe out-of-bounds, he made a rookie mistake?

This Sunday has got to be the worst nightmare for those in the restaurant business as Easter and Passover coincide.

The commercial they show during Seattle Mariner games with Felix Hernandez dressing up in disguises is freaking hilarious.

Why the heck did Miguel Olivo just try to steal a base?

If umpires do not appreciate being shown up, why do some use such an exaggerated strike-three call?

Note to Joe Buck (like he is going to read this) – you have the greatest job in the world, can you please sound like you are not pissed off you are calling the game?  I understand some veteran teams turning it on for the playoffs, but announcers?  Come on man.

Did you ever notice the same people that spend the off-season criticizing the moves of real-life baseball general managers do similar things when managing their fantasy squads?

Sometimes I wonder if the only words written inside one of those “get rich quick” books are “put out a book saying you know the secret to getting rich quick.”  I mean, think about it, if the person really had the answer, why do they need to sell a book?  Same goes for gambling advice and how to beat the stock market.

Okay, gotta run.  I have some real-time standings to check out.



0 #5 Todd Zola 2011-04-20 04:41
I actually had to figure out who LoMo is - LAME-O.

Unfortunately, image is everything and nicknames are not always image friendly.

We need more Nails and Gooses and Catfish.

The closest we may have to am old school nickname is Big Papi.

Doc Halladay? Meh.
0 #4 Lance Turbes 2011-04-20 03:22
...and I have Nathan...and yes starting.

...and Lawn Mower = better nickname than LoMo. Sorry, pushed send too soon last time.
0 #3 Lance Turbes 2011-04-20 03:18
Not spamming, but just laughing at this coincidence...ANA 15 runs...Howie 0-6.
0 #2 Lance Turbes 2011-04-20 01:57
What would fit in this mini-rant is the lack of creativity in the modern MLB nickname. V-Mart? LoMo? That crap should have stopped with A-Rod.

The creativity is lacking big time. All for the sack of saving a few not-so-precious spaces in a story/update.

We need to create some new nicknames and have some fun!

Foul Pole Joe or Sandy Pockets or Skid Marks McClain or Johnny Sparkplug. Shit that took me 2 minutes to come up with...I could think of 20 more.
0 #1 Lance Turbes 2011-04-20 01:49

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