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Tuesday 26th Sep 2017

Wild Card weekend is my favorite of the NFL season.

It is good enough that there are just four games, even better, two each day.

But, the Wild Card games are somehow the most wide open and unpredictable.

Which made things kind of a disappointment this weekend because going into the final Sunday game the closest thing to a game we had seen was the Jets win over the Bengals. And, for the final 20 minutes, that one was really iced.

Then the Cardinals jumped out to a 14-point lead within five minutes of the start of their game against the Packers, and I began to place my hope in next week's round of games for some tension. In fact, through the first half, the game was fairly dull save a few nice plays by the Arizonans.

And then suddenly a bit into the third quarter things went nuts, scoring a collective 62 points, notching nearly 100 total points, nine TD passes, and nearly 1000 passing yards.

Scoring a TD with 22 seconds to go, the game went overtime, and surprisingly ended on a defensive play, after all that offense.

I did get what I wanted all right. Just keep it up guys. If we can get one get lie this for each of the following weeks of the playoffs through the Super Bowl, I will be a happy man!

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