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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017

I have a ton of baseball cards in my office. Actually, around 35,000 of them, mostly cards I collected in the 70's and 80's, though some dating back to when I was young, like a '64 Pete Rose and '61 Willie McCovey.

Anyway, I picked up one box that I remembered had a bunch of cards I thought might have some value one day. Mostly doubles of Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds rookie cards and so on.

It was kind of interesting to look at those cards, most of whom I got well before I started playing fantasy ball, because, though I was not playing a game, per se, I was still trying to predict--albeit for a different reason--who would have long term value.

Now, I comment a lot about taking too much stock in taking too many prospects, especially too earlier in their careers. And, perusing the box confirmed  this because, despite a nice cache of Wade Boggs and Greg Maddux rookie cards, there were cards of Sam Horn and Joey Meyer. Also Pete Incaviglia and Brook Jacoby and Eric Bell.

Not to mention Tim Wallach and Howard Johnson and Cory Snyder.

Not that some of these guys did not give some servicable numbers, but, well, there were a lot more guys whose cards were worthless in the stack that were there valuable ones.



0 #2 joe c 2010-01-24 00:54
Yes just like the rare 2006 Topps 297 rookie card of.......Anyone know off the top of their head?
0 #1 michael clapinski 2010-01-07 22:40
What, no Joe Charboneau card?! :oops:

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