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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

Last night, I was invited to crash a draft of some industry friends, most of which were part of Fanball.  Amongst my combatants were the Godfather of Fantasy Baseball Charlie Wiegert, Jason Collette, Ryan Houston, Ray Flowers, Seth Trachtman, Geoff Stein and Kay Adams.  It was a 12-team mixed league played under draft and hold rules.  That is, once the draft was over, we were done -- no trades, no waivers, no free agents, no moves, no nuthin’.  The small quirk is we draft one catcher and two utilities.

I went into the draft with a few ideas in mind.  First, I would sacrifice a little upside for reliability.  Second, since my pet strategy of streaming in starting pitching with favorable matchups is out of play, I would jump on pitching a little earlier, and I would get what I consider to be a top line closer, since there is no fishing for saves.  Third, I wanted to have some fun and break ties with picking players I am not likely to get in another draft.   I had the fifth pick and named my team my standard moniker, Fat, Drunk and Stupid.  Here is a quick round by round review.

Round 1: I decided to get the drunk part of the team out of the way and took Miguel Cabrera.  Maybe I can get CC Sabathia or Pablo Sandoval for fat with Zack Greinke filling the stupid role.

Round 2: I took a guy that I have argued against taking, suggesting he is a health risk, but since I have been convinced otherwise, I took Dustin Pedroia.

Round 3: It was as if these guys (and gal) had my lists.  I was sure I would get Shin-Soo Choo here, knowing Collette would take Nelson Cruz.  Well, Choo was taken so I swerved and took the second most reliable starting pitcher in King Felix.

Round 4: Even though there is no scarcity in a 1-catcher league, I opted to take a receiver that would be playing most of his time elsewhere in Victor Martinez.

Round 5: I know he is an injury risk in this format, but with a three round discount, I had to take Ian Kinsler.

Round 6: Back to pitching with someone who has pitched at a high level just long enough to be considered reliable, Tommy Hanson.

Round 7: Given that saves are unpredictable, if you forced me to name the guy that will lead the Majors, I would choose Brian Wilson.

Round 8: Thankfully good friend Jeff Erickson was not in the draft, or else I may not have been able to draft my favorite upside guy, Drew Stubbs.

Round 9: I felt real good about combining some playing time reliability and production upside with shortstop Stephen Drew.

Round 10: Not exactly a safe pick based on his age, but I think Ted Lilly has one more strong season in him.

Round 11: Another older player, but I am getting Torii Hunter at a discount.

Round 12: He’s a bit of a risk with a limited track record, but his peripherals are very good and he should remain healthy, though the Giants may temper Madison Bumgarner’s innings.

Round 13: Another old (literally) reliable mainstay, but since Bobby Abreu with get significant time at designated hitter, he should remain healthy.

Round 14: I was not the only one choosing the more reliable closers and Drew Storen was the best available.

Round 15: With two utility spots, I have no issue filling one now with Vladimir Guerrero.

Round 16: I made the decision to hold off on a corner hoping someone like Gaby Sanchez would be available, and he was.

Round 17: While I prefer National League starters in this format, I could not pass up the potential of Ricky Romero.

Round 18: He may not repeat last season’s performance, but this is a late round and Andres Torres is going to play.

Round 19: Probably not the wisest choice, especially since I could have opted for a safe set up guy that may get saves, but I took Ervin Santana.

Round 20: The rules say I need a 3B, so I am actually psyched to get Jhonny Peralta this late.

Round 21: I pretty much threw caution to the wind with Romero and Santana, so I opted to keep rolling the dice and closed out the staff with James McDonald.

Round 22: Since Dexter Fowler was nabbed from my queue right before my pick, I instead took his teammate Seth Smith, who I think could be a difference maker if he gets sufficient at bats.

Round 23: I could have gone all power, a little of both or all speed and while I am still not sure why, I went for the third option in Julio Borbon.

Well, that’s that.  We’ll check in on this motley crew from time to time.  Many of the combatants are making side bets.  I like this team, I should probably get in on that action.


0 #2 Todd Zola 2011-03-10 23:18
Round: 1
(1) Cabrera's Cab Company - Albert Pujols 1B
(2) Team Collette - Ryan Braun LF
(3) Bartolo Colon's Breakfast - Hanley Ramirez SS
(4) Richmond Hill Rockers - Carl Crawford LF
** (5) Fat, Drunk and Stupid - Miguel Cabrera 1B
(6) Charlie Sheen's Goddesses - Carlos Gonzalez LF
(7) Tripoli the Hammer - Evan Longoria 3B
(8) affton Animals - Troy Tulowitzki SS
(9) BayArea Flowers - Joey Votto 1B
(10) Team Daugherty - Matt Holliday LF
(11) Boats 'N Hoes - David Wright 3B
(12) Team Adams - Robinson Cano 2B

Round: 2
(13) Team Adams - Adrian Gonzalez 1B
(14) Boats 'N Hoes - Alex Rodriguez 3B
(15) Team Daugherty - Ryan Zimmerman 3B
(16) BayArea Flowers - Mark Teixeira 1B
(17) affton Animals - Matt Kemp CF
(18) Tripoli the Hammer - Roy Halladay SP
(19) Charlie Sheen's Goddesses - Jose Reyes SS
** (20) Fat, Drunk and Stupid - Dustin Pedroia 2B
(21) Richmond Hill Rockers - Tim Lincecum SP
(22) Bartolo Colon's Breakfast - Prince Fielder 1B
(23) Team Collette - Kevin Youkilis 1B
(24) Cabrera's Cab Company - Joe Mauer C

Round: 3
(25) Cabrera's Cab Company - Ryan Howard 1B
(26) Team Collette - Nelson Cruz RF
(27) Bartolo Colon's Breakfast - Shin-Soo Choo RF
(28) Richmond Hill Rockers - Josh Hamilton CF
** (29) Fat, Drunk and Stupid - Felix Hernandez SP
0 #1 GaryJ 2011-03-10 23:15
Todd -what else was staring at you in rd 2?

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