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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

I admit, I have always always liked Matt Garza, but the righty played for Tampa Bay, sigh. So I had placed him out of sight, out of mind. Because, you see, I have my standards. A guy should have his standards, right? There are two fantasy baseball rules that I have done my best to remain faithful to:

  • Pick a NL pitcher, never take an AL pitcher unless there are no other options. For, NL pitchers hit, meaning one of every nine outs should be easy (and versus the AL and the DH, you know?). The NL is a fantasy pitchers league.
  • If there are no other options, and you absolutely must pick an AL pitcher, do not pick a pitcher from the devastatingly high scoring AL East.

So I never picked Garza. But I always liked him. Now he is with the Chicago Cubs and on my radar. That being said, Cubs are not a spectacular team this year.  I do not expect Garza's wins to improve, but then wins are impossible to predict anyway, and he is projected to have around 12 wins for the season. On the other hand I expect the hurler's ERA and WHIP to improve drastically, and that means points. 

Do not take me wrong, Matt Garza is not a top tier pitcher.  But, make sure that he does not go forgotten and undrafted.  If you can wait for the 11th round in a snake format, or pay $5 to $7 in an auction, I thoroughly recommend him (I took him in the KFFL Experts League).


0 #2 Pasko Varnica 2011-02-27 18:10
Quoting viper:
So it is safe to assume you do not play in an AL-only league with a 1100 inning minimum.

An AL only league (or NL for that matter) levels the field;a field is much wider in a mixed league. Right, wrong or indifferent, one ought to narrow it. Hence my thoughts about Matt Garza. To answer your question, I prefer mixed leagues. But that is only a personal choice. Both types of leagues have their own challenges. In mixed leagues the challenge is the one mentioned here: the need to be selective.
0 #1 Mike Ladd 2011-02-27 14:55
So it is safe to assume you do not play in an AL-only league with a 1100 inning minimum.

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