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Saturday 23rd Sep 2017

Yesterday, I was anxiously awaiting the start of my MWest Strat League Rookie Draft, something I had been planning for since I started trading for 2011 picks last June, when I realized two things.

First, my team was not deep enough to win. Close, as my 90-72 mark suggests, but not close enough. Second, it was apparent even that early that 2011was going to be a terrific year for prospects, and now was the time to grab a starting pitcher, a first baseman, and outfielder, and hopefully a catcher, putting my already somewhat young squad on a solid contention path for the next several years.

I have to say it was tough. First, Prince Fielder was dangled before me, for one of my picks and something. Then division-mate Jim Capuano offered me Albert Pujols for my three first round picks. And believe me, having a team with Albert and Hanley Ramirez, along with Ryan Zimmerman in the infield was more than tempting.

But, in the end, I waited so long to execute the plan--and my planning was right, for the players I coveted have pretty much fallen to me by now--that I felt obligated to see my vision and patience through. And, one of the keys to a 30-team league like the MWest League is depth. A good team will beat a team with a hole or two, more often than not.

So, now with the first round--and this is the NL only portion of the draft, the AL will commence once we have finished, in a week or so--under our belts, I did indeed get my pitcher, first sacker, and outfielder.

The down surprise is that Madison Bumgarner went #7, and Daniel Hudson was selected with the #9 pick, so I settled for Jhoulys Chacin, with my first choice (#11), knowing that I selected next with numbers 15 and 16, so, unless the universe collapsed, I would likely end up with a couple of players I coveted.

As it is, with pick #15 I took Jose Tabata, and with the next selection, Ike Davis. This latter pick was a little tough, as Gaby Sanchez was still available when I picked, but I went with youth, and a guy who does not have Logan Morrison breathing down his neck (Morrison actually went #14). Sanchez did go #17 to start the second round.

So, one more spot to fill. As it stands, this is how Round 1 looked:

  1. Jason Heyward
  2. Buster Posey
  3. Starlin Castro
  4. Stephen Strasburg
  5. Mike Stanton
  6. Pedro Alvarez
  7. Madison Bumgarner
  8. Mike Leake
  9. Daniel Hudson
  10. Domonic Brown
  11. Jhoulys Chacin
  12. Jaime Garcia
  13. Jonny Venters
  14. Logan Morrison
  15. Jose Tabata
  16. Ike Davis

Now, all the guys have to do is play!  Oh yes, and finish the draft.


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