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Saturday 16th Dec 2017

On Sunday night, I finished selecting--or should I say purchasing--a squad in RotoExperts Mock Draft. The league, which was a 12-team auction, $260 cap, 23-man roster, was created by Buck Davidson, and included many of the usual suspects, like Geoff Stein and Jeff Erickson.

Such leagues are very tough to plot, at least for me.

I do understand the league will be shallow, so I also know it can be prudent to take expensive players, and in this league, Hanley Ramirez topped the charts at $51, followed by Troy Tulowitzki and Albert Pujols, both at $49. The truth is, I simply have a hard time spending that much for a single player, though I must admit I have done it before, with some degree of success.

But somehow I think getting a roster full of very good--just below star level, most of the time--players can do the trick.

One of the things that makes a shallow auction league hard, though, is truly that money management. For, by spending a lot on a few players, one can get caught short at the end draft, yet if one chooses to be conservative and not bid for a while, the chance of eating a few bucks also presents itself.

In today's auction, one team left $39 on the board, one $34, and one $26, and while that in and of itself might not be a killer, leaving money like that on the table does count as a mistake, and a team can only endure so many mistakes over the course of a year and still have hope for success.

It’s also interesting to note that Miguel Cabrera went for $39, which means the team leaving behind money could have had their existing roster, plus Cabrera, minus their worst, cheapest player, and a move like that, before the season began, would be a huge boost.

I truly went into this auction with very little set plan, as I know how all over the map prices can be, at least with respect to scarcity, and going stars and scrubs. What I tried to do was wait a little, till most, if not everyone had spent some cash, and start looking for those very good players, ideally for a few bucks under value.

However, the one rule I made--and always make--is to never let a bargain go by. That is, sometimes we have a spot filled and cannot purchase said cheap player, but if at all possible, always grab a player who is clearly better than his price tag (note that I did not spend more than $29 on any player, nor did I spend less than $2, and I left a buck on the table.

This team might be a bit light on power in a shallow league, but it is high on strikeouts, saves, swipes, runs, and batting average. And if strikeouts are a harbinger for WHIP and ERA, it’s more than competitive, with a strong presence in seven of ten categories.




0 #4 Lawr Michaels 2011-02-22 00:56
thanks guys. and, perry i goofed. was tired when i wrote the above, but i have yadier molina, not jose. dead brain.
0 #3 Perry Van Hook 2011-02-21 17:44
Good Job Lawr - that lineup will look a lot better when you can get a hitter off the FA pile and move Napoli to catcher - with your position flexibility, any outfielder or other hitter will be a lot more productive than Jose Molina
0 #2 Ryan Carey 2011-02-21 13:50
I think it's a very solid effort and agree with your assessment of the team. But if you are going to go the route you chose - I like some of the names you came away with. Hamilton and Mourneau - two MVP type studs who both carry injury risk. Beckham, Upton and Markakis would seem key to me - but I think all three will give you more than what you paid for. Love the rotation - you shouldn't need to tinker here too much early. A contender as long as Hamilton and/or Mourneau stay healthy.
0 #1 Jason Mastrodonato 2011-02-21 07:11
Wow, people are loving Tulo huh? $49...

Let's see him play a full season first - yikes.

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