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Tuesday 26th Sep 2017

For the second time in three years, a shroud of controversy surrounds Michael Young, the former starting third sacker of the AL champion Rangers, who has now lost his hot corner spot to free agent Adrian Beltre.

Going into 2009, Young, who had been the incumbent shortstop for Texas since the departure of that Alex Rodriguez guy, and an All Star at the spot for five straight years from 2004 through 2008, was moved to third during the pre-season, making room for Elvis Andrus.

The low-key Young did not squawk, in fact he played his usual game--.322-22-68 with 76 runs scored--and made the All Star team again, this time as a third sacker. The consistent Young followed with a .286-21-91 season, with 99 runs scored in 2010, while the Rangers relied on Vladimir Guerrero as their DH.

This year, though, Guerrero is gone, Beltre is signed, so the logical move for the 33-year old Young--who is the career hit leader for the Rangers with 1848--is to the DH spot. And, that was not a move that excited the third baseman, who as a result asked to be traded.

Whether the Rangers tried to accomodate this or not is not completely clear, but Beltre, who is just two years junior to Young, is the third baseman, at least as of today.

The thing is, I don't think Texas tried that hard to swap their hits leader, and the truth is that is likely a good thing.

For, among Nelson Cruz, Josh Hamilton, and Ian Kinsler, Texas has had regular Red Cross intervention over the past few years. Not to mention first base--presently manned by Mitch Moreland and Chris Davis--a duo that hardly comprises of a sure thing.

It is such a maxim that a team cannot have enough pitching, but in this case, the Rangers cannot have too much hitting, either. And, trading away the likes of such a steady player as Young is asking for trouble.

Over the past 11 years, Young's 162 game average has been .300-17-87, with 99 runs scored and eight swipes, with an average of 199 hits.

A major league team would have to either be crazy to trade that away, or should be able to get a solid player for now in order to stay in contention.

Young, who seems to be as undervalued in the fantasy world as he is at The Show, though, is a guy to keep. And, in your league, where he is aging and likely somewhat dismissed, Young screams bargain.



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