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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

I like the Indians signing of Orlando Cabrera the other day, as that pairs him with Asdrubal Cabrera up the middle in Cleveland. Not that Cleveland will pose a juggernaut of a team, but hey, this is the AL Central, and while we can bet Minnesota will be steady, the White Sox and Tigers could do anything. So, as a case in point them, could the Tribe.
And, while I like Droobs as an undervalued pick in most formats, I like Orlando in an AL only set up because he will be a $1 player. But, we can discuss the merits therein later.

That is because sharing a surname holds some kind of magic karma for me, and this middle infield does indeed carry that weight.

In 2009 I was able to witness the surname trifecta during a Seattle/Oakland game, which fielded Kurt Suzuki and Ichiro Suzuki, Ryan Sweeney and Mike Sweeney, and Endy Chavez and Eric Chavez.

Not to mention I always hoped Topps would make special baseball cards with Bud Black and Steve Decker (Black and Decker), Chili Davis and Carney Lansford (Chili con Carney), and best of all, Brook Jacoby and Joey Meyer (Jacoby and Meyer, and I do wonder whatever happened to the law firm that scattered itself within the TV channels).

Names are fun things in that context, and in baseball, such a pairing as a battery, or middle infield combo like Droobs and Orlando is a good and fun thing.

But, back to Orlando, true he is moving to second, and is now 36 years old. And, the new second sacker is coming off one of his worst years with .263-4-42 numbers in Cincinnati. The .657 OPS Cabrera posted was his second lowest, while the lowest came in 2004 (.637), a season during which the shortstop was dealt to Boston.

And, after the trade, Cabrera flourished over six seasons; leading up to last year, but even in his down season, Cabrera belted 33 doubles, and swiped 11 bags.

I am guessing, as a mentor to Asdrubal, without much threat of the Indians winning a crown at least going into the season that Orlando will put up numbers similar to his Oakland, and then Minnesota in 2009, where he went .284-9-77, with 13 steals and 36 doubles. For a buck, in an AL only format, that would be dollars in the bank.


0 #1 Perry Van Hook 2011-02-18 23:08
OCab to AsCab to LaPorta double plays.....wonder if they will move Droobs back to 2B and let OCab play short?

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