"Through the course of a long season, you find yourself with stretches when things don't go your way. You battle through those things. In the end, you're better for it."

Those comments could be made by any fantasy baseball player. They could just as easily be made by any major league player and were in fact from the mouth of Texas Ranger all-time hit leader Michael Young responding to a question about coming out of a “slump” over the weekend.

But remember when your roto team loses twenty points over just two weeks what Young said – and at this point that we are still “early” into the season.

Early you scream? Well yes, while we are two months or one third into the games to be played, the counting numbers in many categories are still very tightly bunched, so you will often see a loss of several points in say strikeouts on a given day. The answer of course is that with those points still reflecting several teams within eight or nine total strikeouts, your loss could just be because you had no starters going yesterday while everybody in your sub group had one or two. Or that you all lost some points because the team at the bottom of the group had Chris Sale and Drew Hutchison pitching yesterday and that is what 24 strikeouts will do.

It’s just that usually it takes more than one or two days to get that many strikeouts.

As further proof of the tight bunching in many categories starting this week in the AL LABR league I was in second place with 74.5 points, but more than ten points behind ESPN’s Nate Ravitz who was leading the league. Well my aggressive lineup play of pitching Nate Adcock for a good two start week severely damaged my ERA and WHIP, and I dropped four points in the standings and dropped to sixth place.

But Ravitz’ category positions were also weathered and his dropping seven points actually puts me three points closer to him. Unfortunately there are now four other teams in between us.

Remember in some ways the season is still young. It’s a long way to September.